Hi everyone and thank you for visiting my site,

I´m not a big fan of the typical biographies written in third person, so I’ll try to make a brief summary of how has my “Musical Story” been so far.

I was born in Madrid (Spain)in the early 80’s, in a humble neighborhood in the heart of the city called Lavapies, full of different cultures, immigrants, “mestizaje” and races, (I probably was not aware until much later, but I think that’s an important part of my interest in all kinds of music)
I did not have musical training when I was little and I started to work very soon, that has probably haunted me my entire adolescence, but that did not stop me from being in hardcore and rock bands playing drums, keys, cajon flamenco, guitar, bongoes, djembe, darbuka or even bass.

Over the age of 16 we discovered that the rehearsal room was our favourite place for meeting and evasion, and this was, without doubt, one of the happiest chapters of my entire life. there I´ve made friends that still are beside me, and with this early formations we manage to raise enough money for something completly unthinkable for as bad musician as us: an album recording.
In 1997 was the first time I came into a studio to record an album: PRIMESHOCK – Everythings struggle , a kind of melodic punk/hardcore band influenced for the music of Satanic Surfers, Lagwagon , Refused, Bad Religion, Millencollin and all the melodic hardcore of the 90´s

After that I would find myself in that situation so many times more in my life, even in another countries, but probably this one, and a couple of years later when I was recording drums for the album of other of my early bands : COILBOX – 13… this two times I remember them as a mixture of nerves and excitement similar to that of going out on stage, but with a very great pressure, much greater than that of playing in public, I think we take ourselves too seriously and I dare not say Whether that’s good or bad, but we lost pounds on the records.

During all this time (at this point I think I wasn´t older that eighteen)in parallel I was completly obsessed with electronic music programming, I started when I was around 15 with impulse and fast trackers, into an old Ms2 computer, first i started imitating my electro heros, from my Jungle & Hardstepp records to The Prodigy, the first rave music, 4 hero, letfield or even the Chemical Brothers or all the Gabbage and Happy Hardcore from the ID&T label but I would later go completely crazy when I started to enter the world of Warp: Squarepusher, Aphex Twin, Plaid and even calmed down things like Orbital, Air, or Amon Tobin that at the time I doubt I understood well.

I also do my own mixtapes and spread them in the institute (mixed with only two tape desks and one vinyl….a trully horror) But by the time I got the recording of the Coilbox album I had almost 4 years producing electronica and all the bases of that album, the intros and the outros were made in an old computer pentium under impulse tracker, could be said that these are my first electronic productions released!

A few crazy years touring passing by and I fast get tired of always having to deal with non payed concerts, and part-time jobs with stupid salaries to pay my studies and my room, so quickly I decided to became a kind of “professional musician” or at least taking a little bit more seriously all about music

2 Gold Records later, first as Drumer and sencond as Musical director I spinning with very different bands throughout Europe And the US, played with a bunch of bands for so many different styles (Sugarless, Head up, Huecco, Change Dessert, Lou Garx, Painbox, Taylor Made, Baselab, Void camp,Vipership, etc…) sharing stages in festivals with a lot of my favourite bands when I was younger (from Muse to Santana, from Skunk Anansie to Jamie Lidell)

I that precise moment I decided to dedicate myself entirely to the music production and in parallel my hobby of always that had been to play records became part of my profession.

Since then, I regent the Fashion Beat Team studios in Madrid where we have worked among others with a endless list of amazing artists, covering all styles within the current music scene, we work with Universal, Sony, Emi, Warner … and many other projects of a different nature and start my personal project as Ed is Dead, focused on electronic music but always with my “acoustic” background on mind, specially on our live acts.

All my life I have felt the “underground” as a place where the evolution of the art is forged, and I think I can say that I like Music in most of its facets, without ties of style or form, but music in his humble and honest meaning, as a art form a way of expression to create and stimulate, a way to create a critical spirit and an aesthetic experience, to raise sensitivity… and at the end, to explore humanity, thats the reason why I create IDIOTEQUE RECORDS, my own label where to accommodate this particular vision of making songs.

These last years I get specially mad exploring the frontiers of the music I love, I have done a lovely project called MJUZIK, a mixture between jazz, flamenco and electronic with the grammy nominee Ariadna Castellanos, I have performed with the choreographer Elias Aguirre, in a improvisation installation of contemporary dance called “Cuerpo Romo”, I have done seminars with the Prado Museum of Madrid working in the Synesthesia between music an pictures of the s.XIX, also my music video with Womoh “STOP” directed by the 3d artist Aitana Basquiat was part of the Garden Of the Utopias, at the London art Night…. and many more things like this that really enrich myself as a musician, as a creator and as a human being.

Throughout all my career I have done many songs for myself and for others, under my name and under A.K.A’s, I have had several works in itunes reaching n1, themes that have endured weeks in the top 10, even a world number 1 in the section of vinyls Of house music on Deck, music vidios on rotation on MTV, etc…

But to be honest, the older I get, the more I realize how far my concept of music is, with the concept that music industry has today.

I’m not too good at talking about myself, so I’d rather talk about my work, here’s a sample if someone needs the info.

Some of my releases:

– Ed is Dead & Womoh – Stop
– Ed is Dead feat Myriam la Trece – Daydreamin´ep
– Ed is Dead & Womoh feat. NN- And I
– Bravo Fisher – Solos (co-producing, mixing, mastering)
– Ariadna Castellanos & Ed is Dead – Mjuzik (producing, co-writing, mixing, mastering)
– Ed is Dead – Change (Album)
– Landikhan feat. Niña indigo – Astral (Ed is Dead tripped rmx)
– Ed is Dead & Danny Deep – Afrika Wins feat. Tawas
– Julio Navas – Organic (Ed is Dead rmx)
– Julio Navaas & Ed is Dead – No Money (feat. Rocky rock)
– Vinila von Bismark – A place with no name (Ed is Dead rmx
– EBO (Ed is dead, Bny and Odille) “make it easier” (i records 2012) in vinyl and digital, with remix of afrobeat, fabian argomedo and tb Sex Ed
– EBO “I told ya” (The Pastors 2013) with Pelé remix
– EBO “still running” (DIKSO 2013)
– Ed Is Dead & Paulhard – More & More (feb 2013)
– Ed is Dead & No mike – “I have to keep partying”
– Ed is Dead feat. Jacqueline Nix “Be mine” (FBT 2013)
– Ed is Dead feat. Odille Lima “Fall in love at Ocean’s” (FBT 2013)
– Ed is Dead, Deiv Hook & Ashela “Fire” (YMH 2013) – Ed is Dead – The Insomniac E.P (FBT 2014)
– Le Flaco, Tosco, PIezas & Ed is Dead “Vampires” (BOA 2013)
– Carlos Jean & Dj Nano “prisoners” (Ed is dead rmx)
– Sex Ed “Back in my Arms” (Future Allianz Recs 2013)
– Paco Buggin – She’s (Sex Ed & Bny rmx)
– Blacktop – Danzig (Sex Ed rmx)
– Vipership – Lately (album) (Mixing, Producing, co-writing, Drums, Keys, Perc and Arregments)

Some Works with other artists:

– Maico – This is How we Dream (MUSITECA 2017 Co-Prod, Electronic Arregmnts)
– Ania – Danza Animal (Producing, co-writing, mixing)
– The Warriors & Bimba Bosé “Sugar Tits” (FBT 2013)
– The Warriors “Into Space” (FBT 2013)
– The Warriors & Bimba Bosé “Love Is a Must” (FBT 2013)
– Zoe Escolano & Odille Lima “Addicted 2 U” (Clippers 2013)
– Alex Sound “Release it” (only mix / Master)
– Les Castizos & Wallem Brothers “(only mastered)
– Fonsi Nieto – Wild And Free (Clippers 2013)
– Orleans – Dance (Mix, Master Arregments)
– Nicco – Walk this Thighrope
– Tres Trece – Hasta diez (Fashion Beat Team remix) – co-producing, mix, mastering
– La Oreja de Van Gogh – Cometas por el cielo (Fashion Beat Team rmx) – prod, mix, master
– Dremen – Fuck Faith (complete albúm) – Mastering
– Bebe – K.I.E.R.E.M.E – (Fashion Beat Team rmx) – mix, master.
– James Maad – Get Dirty – co-producing, Mixing, Mastering
– James Maad – Mr Nobody – co-prod, mix, master.
– Marta Sanchez – Get Together (Universal Spain) – co-producing, mix
– Marta Sanchez – Get Together FBT remix (Universal Spain) – producing, mix, mastering
– Marta Sanchez – Get Down ( Dj Nano remix) – co-producing, mix, mastering
– Marta Sanchez – Romeiro ao lonxe – prod, mix, mastering
– Marta Sanchez – No controles (Fashion Beat Team rmx) – arregemnt, prod, mix, master
– Marta Sanchez – Mi cuerpo pide más (Universal Spain) – arrgment, prod, mix
– Marta Sanchez – Desesperada (2012 live remix) – arrgment, prod, mix, master
– Marta Sanchez – Dime la verdad (2012 live remix) – arrgment, prod, mix, master
– Marta Sanchez – Moja mi corazón (2012 live remix) – arrgment, prod, mix, master
– Marta Sanchez – Desconocida (2012 live remix) – arrgment, prod, mix, master
– Marta Sanchez – Soldados del Amor ( 2012 live remix) – arrgment, prod, mix, master
– Jacqueline Nix – Ass city – arrgment, mix, master.
– Huecco – Dame Vida (spicy rmx FBT) -arrgmnt, co-prod,mix, master.
– Dj Nano – Everything is all right (Universal spain) – co-producing, mix , mastering
– Dj Nano – Everything is Alright (zoe remix) – co-producing, mix, Mastering
– Dj Nano – Only boy feat. Odille lima (Universal Spain) – co-producing, mix
– Dj Nano feat. Kate Ryan & Dmol – Next Road (Universal Spain) – co-producing, mix mastering
– Cali & el Dandee feat. Dj Nano – Volar (Universal) – co-producing, mix
– Tve – “+ Gente” (score) – prod, mix, master
– The Moors – Humanity – prod,mix, master
– The Moors – Guerra -prod, mix, master
– Sara Dä – Twin Souls – co-prod, mix, master
– Rosario Flores – Oye como suena, la voz (FBT mix) – arrgment, mix, master.
– Ocean Marbella – Final Countdown rmx – prod,mix, master
– The Warriors – Araña – co-producing, mix, master
– The Warriors – I´ve found you – Co-prod, mix, master.
– Fuel Fandango – Engine of the… (Fashion Beat Team rmx) (Warner music spain)- Co-prod, mix, master
– Auryn – Don´t give up my Game (Fashion Beat Team edit) (Warner Music Spain) – mix
– Void Camp – Firefight (Subterfuge Records) – Co-producing, co-mixed
– Void Camp – The News (Subterfuge Records) – Co-producing, co-mixed
– Void Camp – Marla (Subterfuge Records) – Co-producing, Co-mixed
– Void Camp – Y.B.M (Subterfuge Records) – Co-producing, co-mixed
– Paulina Rubio – Me gustas tanto (Fashion Beat Team remix) – Co-producing, Mix, Mastering
– Ed is Dead – Crazy (Subterfuge Records) – Producing, Mixing, Mastering
– Ed is Dead (Albúm) – Prod, Mix, Master
– Tony karate & FBT – Estas to loca
– Snow Patrol – Called out in the dark ( E.B.O remix) – Co-Producing, Mixing, Mastering
– Vicente Lara – First Time (alexander som rmx) – Master
– Vipership – Here comes the rain – prod,mix, mastering
– Vipership – Once upon a time – prod, mix, mastering
– Odille Lima – Liar – prod, mix, mastering
– K.y.s.e. – (b.s.o & Fx) – prod, mix, master
– Alfredo Villalba – fallwinter coll. (b.s.o & FX) – prod, mix, master

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